Child is the Father of the Man

Stuart Godfrey’s Story By Stephen Terrell In 2014, I walked in to my first board meeting of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County. I had never served on a board before, but I could not turn down the invitation when asked to serve on this board. You see, by walking into that meeting, […]

“Colonel Miller” on the Necessity of Unicorns

Christy Foster’s story as told to Mitch Isaacs This experience has opened up my eyes. The world isn’t all rainbows, unicorns, and glitter like my mom painted for me. I had a very sheltered life. My parents were very protective with me. I am a military brat. I lived all over the country, but we […]

Who Would Have Thought That I’d Be A Mentor?

Hannah Sullivan’s Story. She is 21. As told to Corey Ohlenkamp I will never forget the words, “Your mother told me that she didn’t think you would graduate high school, I mean, none of us really thought you would.” Right before I started the sixth grade my father sat me down and explained that he […]

Made In Muncie

Meranda Herbert’s story. She is 22. As told to Suzanne Clem   When I hear “Muncie,” I think of home. I think of the small bar my grandpa owned and hearing stories about how I had my first birthday party there. I think about my best friends living next door or just down the street, […]

Taller Than the Trees

Nathan Barnett’s story. As told to Kira Childers I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.   — Henry David Thoreau If you ask me to tell my story, the first thing I’ll say is that my mom tells it better. For seventeen years she has watched me grow and […]