Child is the Father of the Man

Stuart Godfrey’s Story By Stephen Terrell In 2014, I walked in to my first board meeting of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County. I had never served on a board before, but I could not turn down the invitation when asked to serve on … [Read more...]

Who Would Have Thought That I’d Be A Mentor?

Hannah Sullivan’s Story. She is 21. As told to Corey Ohlenkamp   I will never forget the words, “Your mother told me that she didn’t think you would graduate high school, I mean, none of us really thought you would.” Right before I … [Read more...]

Made In Muncie

Meranda Herbert’s story. She is 22. As told to Suzanne Clem When I hear “Muncie,” I think of home. I think of the small bar my grandpa owned and hearing stories about how I had my first birthday party there. I think about my best friends … [Read more...]

Taller Than the Trees

Nathan Barnett’s story. As told to Kira Childers   I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.   -- Henry David Thoreau If you ask me to tell my story, the first thing I’ll say is that my mom tells it better. For seventeen … [Read more...]

Challenging to Improve, Supporting to Succeed

Mitch Isaacs on his mentor Jeannine Harrold   Life is full of surprising relationships. I first met Jeannine Harrold while I was working at Ball State University, almost 8 years ago. My career had just started as her career was finishing. Of … [Read more...]

The World Through the Eyes of Another

Laura Williamson’s Story. Laura is 46. As told to Monique Armstrong   I can stand with those that are walking through deep waters because I’ve walked through my own. My three-year-old son died. Unexpectedly. Doesn’t get much deeper than … [Read more...]

Independent Prayers

Kelly Miller’s story. As told to Casey Smith   It’s always been so nice to be at home with the kids. When you’re a mother of three, there’s a special closeness you have with your children, and being a stay-at-home mom was like a dream. I … [Read more...]

Choosing To Be There

Annette Craycraft’s story as told to Sarah Connolly When I was growing up, there was a kid who I went to high school with who had a Big Brother. I remember him coming to all of his sporting events and just supporting him in whatever he was doing at … [Read more...]

Nontraditional Path, Big Impact

Chrystal Pearson’s story. She is 33. As told to Chris Bavender I think I have always wanted to help other people. I’ve always wanted to make a difference. Looking back, I would say that I had a good childhood. I knew my parents loved me, and I … [Read more...]